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Bonita Couture is a custom designer gowns Toorak boutique and bridal wear house that offers a unique couture experience. For many years, Bonita Couture has been designing enthralling marriage outfits and designer gowns Toorak for brides, mom of the brides and exclusive customers from around the globe.

Known our its extraordinary stylish, immaculate fitting, fine textures, and great customer service, we at Bonita Couture offer you a range of show stopping designer gowns Toorak that go from traditional to modern and everything in the middle.

Situated in the heart of Melbourne fashion CBD, Bonita Couture is a blend of the perfection of a couture atelier and a European bridal salon. The expert in-house staff of dressmakers and seamstresses is top in their field, guaranteeing each article of clothing fits to perfection.

Venture inside the showroom of Bonita Couture– a European style designer gowns Toorak salon and couture atelier, with the most stunning collection of designs and the most fantastic collection of bridal, evening wear, designer gowns Toorak and cocktail dresses.

When it comes to getting the perfect dress for your special occasion, the Bonita Couture team will help you at all times. Regardless of whether you have any questions with respect to the designer gowns Toorak customization process or are searching for somebody to guide you through the different types of fashioner outfits, an advisor will be happy to walk you through it. Call today or drop a message and our designer gowns Toorak expert will get back to you in no time!

about bonita couture

About Bonita

Synonymous with high-quality craftsmanship and unparalleled service, Bonita Couture has become an iconic part of the Melbourne bridal design scene since 1984. Inspired by the traditions of the great European Houses, Bonita is recognised as a world-class courtier.

Here at Bonita Couture, we are highly trained, inspired creators, who are here to realise your dream for your bridal gown. Every garment is meticulously constructed in our European inspired atelier by our expert seamstresses and master beaders.

Is your style romantic, whimsical, dramatic or elegant? With the understanding that every wedding gown should be an artistic representation of the woman who wears it, we work collaboratively with you to create a unique, timeless masterpiece.

We pride ourselves on our personalised service. From your initial consultation, you will have exclusive, one-on-one appointments in the atelier. When we’ve devised your dream design together, we will create a detailed fashion illustration, and begin our work to create the perfect gown for you. We work hard to ensure that your experience with us is as divine as the gown you’ll take home.

Be Bold. Be Beautiful

Custom couture gowns, made right here in our atelier in Melbourne.


Our History

From its humble beginnings as a couturier, Bonita Couture has grown immensely as a label since 1984. With our unrivalled talent in styling, design and craftsmanship, and our use of the finest quality silks and laces, we have become an industry leader in bridal gowns and eveningwear.

This high critical acclaim has led to numerous awards and accolades, including the prestigious Masters of Couturiers award. We have also been invited to participate in highly acclaimed international runway shows.

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